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  • Light Frame TV Cupboard
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    Light Frame TV Cupboard

    AED 7,290
  • Nordic Sideboard
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    Nordic Sideboard

    AED 6,590


Whether you are overwhelmed by the wide home furniture offer in Dubai or discouraged by coordinating your favorite pieces from different furniture stores; Soul & Tables gathers it all under one roof for you and makes furniture shopping easy and fuss-free!

We have chosen authentic, contemporary, and eco-friendly furniture that will stand the test of time with you. From ethical sourcing of beautiful high-quality wooden furniture to providing our customers with a more seamless, comprehensive, and convenient shopping experience, we’re here to help you build a home that you’ll love for years to come.

Soul & Tables is a homegrown brand that believes that high-quality furniture should come at an affordable price. We are driven by a high standard of service, providing stellar customer care even after you’ve left our showroom

Great wood furniture should not come at a compromise. Our oak and teak materials are ethically sourced, and each piece is lovingly put together by skilled craftsmen who share our vision for environmental sustainability.

We have made our stunning collection even more accessible through our online shop. Enjoy an enhanced customer service experience while shopping for your dream furniture online or in our showrooms.

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Visit our showroom to experience the range and quality of our wooden furniture for yourself. Our friendly sale team will be happy to help you furnish your home with pieces you'll love for years to come.

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